Update Fees Plugin to 7.0

Update Fees Plugin to 7.0

Please note that there are TWO new plugin updates you will need to install, a zip file for the Fees Plugin, and another for the Fees Permissions Plugin.

It is best to do this when no one is using the Fees plugin, as it will be down for about 10 minutes while you do the updates.

Steps for updating Plugins:

On the Start Page, in the dark blue ribbon, you should see the icon with "MBA" and an arrow pointing downward. If you click on that MBA download icon, you will see the version you are currently on (6.12 for Fees and 1.0 for Fees Permissions) and the new version available for download (7.0 for Fees and 1.1 for Fees Permissions). There is a video you can watch on that screen, explaining how to do the update.

Basic steps are:

1. Download the new zip files for 7.0 and 1.1 and save them somewhere. Leave it as a zip file, and be sure you know where you saved it.

2. On the same MBA download screen, upper right corner, click on "Open Plugin Management Dashboard"

3. Delete the current 6.12 Fees and 1.0 Fees permission Plugins

4. Click on Install, browse to the saved zip file for 7.0 Fees (MUST DO THIS ONE FIRST) and select it. Do not go within the zip file, just select it, and then install it

5. On the Plugin Management Dashboard, you should then see the new Fees version 7.0. Check the box to "Enable" it.

6. Click on Install again, and browse to the saved zip file for 1.1 Fees Permission (MUST DO THIS ONE SECOND) and select it. Do not go within the zip file, just select it, and then install it

5. On the Plugin Management Dashboard, you should then see the new Fees Permissions version 1.1. Check the box to "Enable" it.

6. You should now have the new version installed
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