MBA Cafe and RevTrak Deposits

MBA Cafe and RevTrak Deposits

Check with RevTrak about:
1. Can they have the Deposits tied to the School and not the District. To see them now, you have to run the Cash Report from the District, and then they will show up in the Check column.
2. Can they send the Deposits with the from_efunds field set to "true", which would then have the data show up in the EFunds column instead of the Check column on the Cash Report. This may be fixed already in a new version of the RevTrak Plugin, and if so, you should get that newer version.

Here are the steps to correct the deposits until RevTrack can send the data correctly to PowerSchool.

While in PowerSchool navigate to DEM (Data Export Manager)

* From the start page click on System
* Now click on Page and Data Management
* Now click Data Export Manager
* Category: Database Extensions
* Check the box next to U_LUNCH_TRANSACTION
* Click Next
* Select column filter of: description = Deposit - Credit (make sure to type the spaces around the hyphen!)
* Click the + to add another filter - now select the "from_efunds" (uncheck the box)
* Click Show All records
* Click Edit all filtered records
* Select the Radio Button for: from_efunds. Check the box to indicate that the field is "true".
* Click Submit
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