Extra Curricular Activities on Report Card

Extra Curricular Activities on Report Card

1. You can use the newer Data Access Tag feature to add Activity information.

For example, on my test server, I added a new row with 1 column, and then inserted a Text Element. In the Text Line box, I typed Activities: and then a space after it. I then clicked on "Insert Data Access Tags (DAT)". There are instructions on the screen, but just a reminder when you use these you do not include the ^ or ~ and also remove the parenthesis around the DAT.

I then used a decode DAT for each Activity. This could get large if you have a lot of activities. Here is my example coding:
Activities: {{dat.(decode;^(activities.band);1;Band,; )}} {{dat.(decode;^(activities.football);1;Football,; )}} {{dat.(decode;^(activities.golf);1;Golf,; )}} for the current school year.

So the decode looks to see if the value of the field is 1 (meaning they have the box checked), and if so then to display the word. I also put a comma after the Activity name, so that they end up comma separated. This is how mine ended up looking on the report card when I used the coding above:

Activities: Football, Golf, for the current school year.

2. For the Stored Grades table, it will list Courses for any of the Current classes they are enrolled in, if there is a Stored Grade. Also, it looks in School>Courses, and will not include the course if the box is checked to "Exclude from Report Cards/Transcripts". If you check the box when running them to "include dropped classes", then it would also list those courses if they had any. There currently is not a way to filter or limit which courses are used, it simply is looking at each student's schedule.
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