Export Report Cards

Export Report Cards

There is not an export function for the report cards, but you can accomplish it by copying and pasting the html code:

1. On the Test Server, in Develop Report Cards, click on the report card name
2. On the left side, click on "Edit HTML" under Page Setup

3. In the HTML screen, you can use "control A" to select all of the text, and then use "control C" to copy it

4. On the LIVE server, go into the Develop Report Cards area, click on Create New Report card

5. Give it a name, and category (optional)

6. Click on the new report card name

7. On the left side, click on "Edit HTML" and paste all of the coding you copied

8. Click on Save or Save and Preview

9. It will not have any Configurations and Availability settings, so be sure to set those up the same way you had them on the Test Server
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