Error message when Plugin was enabled

Error message when Plugin was enabled

We have had this happen for our other Vermont clients that have the Report Card Plugin. It is actually caused by a Core PowerSchool issue. You will need to contact your regular PowerSchool support line, and explain this to them:

1. You are unable to install plugins that include database extensions
2. This is due to an error in one of the VT state reporting files G:\lnsu-VT021\PowerSchool\application\components\reporting-usa-vt-\config\extschema\s_vt_stu_x.xml: Field STUDENTS.S_VT_STU_X.NEWENRORGID is already defined; cannot redefine!

If support claims that this is a customization issue and that they do not support customization, you can stress that this is NOT a customization issue. This is an issue with state reporting files that is manifesting itself when attempting to install custom content.

They should be able to assist you with removing the file so that you can enable our plugin.
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