Downloading latest version of plugin

Downloading latest version of plugin

You will want to make sure your security group has access to download the updates.

If you are confident that you have access then skip these steps and go right to the steps for updating an MBA plugin.

FIle Path to verify you has download access: Start Page> System> Groups
Select the security group you are a part of
Select the drop-down for MBA Easy Update Download Access to display Has Access
Now follow the directions below.

You will also want to make sure you are on the latest version of MBA EasyUpdate 2.0.1 otherwise you won't see the latest release of our plugin(s) to download.

Below are the steps to follow when updating an MBA plugin.

Basic steps are:

On the dark blue PowerSchool bar, you should see two MBA logo's one of the has a downward arrow, select it and follow the steps below.

1. Download the new zip file and save it somewhere. Leave it as a zip file, and be sure you know where you saved it.
2. On the same MBA download screen, upper right corner, click on "Open Plugin Management Dashboard"
3. Delete the current version of the plugin you are wanting to update
4. Click on Install, browse to the saved zip file for the plugin you are updating and select it. Do not open the zip file, just select it, and then install it
5. On the Plugin Management Dashboard, you should then see the new version of the plugin you updated. Check the box to "Enable" it.
6. You should now have the new version installed
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